Fort Stockton Police Believe They’ve Located Murder Victim’s Body

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON - Fort Stockton Police think they've finally found the body of a murder victim.

Police believe the body belongs to a homeless man, but they're having a hard time identifying the man.

We're told by police his body was dumped into a city garbage bin, which was then picked up by a dump truck and compacted.

After it was dropped at the landfill, the body was further dismembered by heavy machinery moving large piles of trash around.

Add that to the brutal heat and the body further decomposed.

We're told investigators are having a hard time getting fingerprints.

Police have arrested 23-year-old Dustin Allen Horton after confessing to the murder.

Horton is currently behind bars.

Fort Stockton Police Chief Art Fuentes says they don't know the relationship between the victim and Horton right now.

If you have any information on the identity of the victim, you're asked to contact police.