Juarez Violence Documentary Comes to Odessa

by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The violence across our border seems to be getting increasingly worse. A new documentary investigating why this is happening has come to the Basin. NewsWest9 got the chance to talk with the filmmaker to find out why he brought this movie to Odessa.

"Since January of 2008, Juarez has suffered more murders than both of our wars in the Middle East by a whopping 30 percent, that is both in Iraq and Afghanistan combined," Charlie Minn, a Filmmaker and the creator of a new documentary called 8 Murders a Day, said.

"8 Murders a Day examines the greatest human rights disaster in the world happening in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, which borders El Paso, Texas," Minn said.

Charlie lives in El Paso and he wanted to investigate and find out why this is happening and how this can happen.

"The most popular theory is that there are two drug cartels fighting over smuggling routes into El Paso. That's the Juarez cartel against the Sinaloa cartel," Minn said.

So far, the documentary has been shown in major cities like New York, L. A., Chicago and its 16th stop is Odessa.

"I think there is a lot of curiosity here in the Midland, Odessa area of what is going on in Juarez.  Being that you can drive there in four hours," Minn said.

So what can you expect from this documentary?

"This movie comes out of left field, I don't think people expected to see a movie like this. It's the real truth about the greatest human rights disaster in the world today. So I hope people take advantage of it and go out and see it," Minn said.

Charlie hopes that with this film people understand a little better what is happening right across the border.

"This is horribly overlooked. For whatever reason, the Obama administration has totally ignored the situation in Juarez. The innocent Mexican people who are caught in the crossfire, their cries need to be heard," Minn said.

The movie will start showing this Friday at the Hollywood Theaters in Odessa. The film will only be showing for a week depending on the turn out. It will be shown in English and Spanish.