Residents and Businesses Trucking in Water For Their Needs

by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Desperate times call for desperate measures. With tighter water restrictions in Big Spring, homeowners and businesses are finding creative ways to get water. NewsWest 9 spoke to businesses who are doing everything they can to survive this extreme drought.

"We have a lot of citizens that are using well water from properties out in the county. They are using tanks to bring it in and watering their trees and we have some that are actually watering their yard with it," Chad Averette with Big Spring Code Enforcement, said.

More and more residents are bringing water tanks to keep their lawns green. They are hooking up their water hoses and watering their yards. Even some local businesses are hauling water in.

"We have to clean our lots. If we don't, then it becomes a safety issue to our customers," Big Spring Sonic Owner, Mike Abusaab, said.

Sonic is one of those who bring in water weekly. They hired a company to bring water from out of town and clean the facilities.

"It is an inconvenience to us and of course its costly, it's not cheap. But what else can you do? You have to find new ways to stay in business and keep your place looking good and safe," Abusaab said.

Just because you have water tanks parked outside your house doesn't mean the city is not going to ask you where you get the water from.

"We want to make sure that it's following our water regulations and it's not using CRMWD's supplied water. We want to make sure it's coming from the appropriate sources," Averette said.

So the city will ask you for receipts.

"If they water in bulk, hang on to your receipt. If you have a friend out in the county who is letting you use their water just make sure you have name an address and we might be giving them a call asking them where the water is coming from," Averette said.

Don't worry, officials are keeping a close eye making sure the water comes from the tank.

"We actually had a citation issued. They had a water tank but it wasn't hooked up. We went back out after issuing the citation and saw how they hooked it up to their sprinkler system and saw they were in compliance with our water regulations, so we dropped the citation," Averette said.

The city of Big Spring is all in favor of residents finding creative ways to keep their lawns green without using city's water.

"It's good to see that people are using creative ways to keep their yards nice and keeping them from dying. The biggest thing is the trees. We see more people wanting to keep them alive and it's creative. Anything that citizens can find and do like that, we are all for it," Averette said.