Midland Christian Neighbors Start Petition

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - On National Night Out Tuesday night, the residents living near the expanding Midland Christian School did more than meet and greet. They started a petition to fight back against some aspects of that expansion.

Neighbors told NewsWest 9 the blocked off roads and construction signs are getting to be too much.

"I have to weave around at least one and around barrels and have to be careful when I back out so I don't knock the barrels over," Culver Street resident, Carrie Hooper, said. "Mainly, it's to draw all the neighbors together that we all know. We've been doing this for well over a year. Everyone hears different things and what we do is we kind of get together and then everybody pools their information and we kind of go from there."

The residents are now worried that the school will continue their expansion and shut down Northrup Street next.

The school already owns five homes on Northrup street.

Residents said on a daily basis that they can't even park in their own driveways what with traffic is being diverted thanks to the Culver Street closing.

"I do yell at them. You can see that people speed down our Street," Northrup Street resident, Donna Stanco, said. "I've had a sign out several times, 'Please Slow Down', and it's been stolen every time, and I'll put another one up. What we've been trying to do is protect our neighborhood."

This petition, which neighbors signed their names on next to their addresses, will make parking in front of houses on Northrup permit only.

"What our goal is, is to stop the parking in front of our houses like the other high schools have," Stanco said. "They have to give a permit to someone if they want to park in front of their house. We have no parking. If anyone comes to see us, there's no place for them to park, because of the Midland Christian population."

Midland Christian Superintendent Eddie Lee told NewsWest 9 over the phone that they won't be shutting Northrup down and that those five houses will be moved in order to have more parking space.

But some neighbors have heard otherwise.

"I had someone with the city tell me that there was going to be tennis courts over here on Northrup, so we want to be proactive rather than reactive," Hooper said.

Neighbors said they'll continue the quest for signatures in order to protect the only thing they think they can: the space in front of their homes.

Those same neighbors told NewsWest 9 on Tuesday they'll take their petition out around the neighborhood, collecting more signatures on foot.