Midland County Officials Speak Out About Dog Shot With Arrow

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - An update on a story NewsWest 9 first broke on Saturday. It all involves a nine month old puppy shot with an arrow and left for dead in Midland County.

Now the Midland County Sheriff's Office and the District Attorney's office are investigating.

They're supposed to be man's best friend but what happened to one nine month old puppy is leaving many people outraged.

"I was disgusted," Asst. District Attorney, Steve Stallings, said. "Anyone who would shoot an animal and just leave it to die in excruciating pain like we have here is disgusting."

"It's sad that anybody would treat an animal that way," Midland County Sheriff, Gary Painter, said.

On Friday night, Jennifer Powell Grant found the dog with an arrow through its body in her front yard.

The animal died shortly after surgery but Jennifer said it's not uncommon to hear of dogs being hurt in the county.

"You can talk to neighbors all throughout here and they're constantly saying 'I had a dog get out and the neighbors shot it,'" Jennifer said.

Sheriff Painter said there are times when a killing a dog or any animal is warranted under the law.

"If that animal is attacking then by all means you have the right to put that animal down," he said. "You have to have reasonable fear that this animal is wild, vicious and it's going to cause you or someone else bodily injury."

But Sheriff Painter and Stallings said nothing justified this.

"If you don't have those particular set of facts, it's a crime," Stallings said. "You can't kill an animal in a cruel manner."

"The location of the arrow is from the back going towards the front," Sheriff Painter said. "That animal was going away from the individual."

An investigation is now open in trying to track down who's responsible.

Stallings said an animal rights group out of Fort Worth has already contacted him.

"I assured them that if the police or the Sheriff's department can develop a suspect and we have solid evidence that they're the person who did this, we'll prosecute them just as the law allows us," he said.

Sheriff Painter said a new partnership with the SPCA will allow the organization to pick up strays in the county.

Both men hope it'll prevent more cases like this from happening.

"We have Animal Control, we have Humane society, we have shelters for a reason," Stallings said.

"For someone to do that to a dog, there's no call for that," Sheriff Painter said.

Jennifer Powell Grant said she's very grateful because people have been calling wanting to help her pay the vet bills for the dog that passed away and the two other strays she brought in.

If you'd like to donate money for the dogs, you can contact the Veterinary Medical Service clinic at 432-697-0290.