Nine Month Old Puppy Dies After Being Shot With Arrow

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - A stray dog is shot with an arrow and later dies. Now the woman who found the puppy is speaking out, hoping things will change for all animals roaming in Midland County.

"How do you tell your children that there are people out there that do horrible things to animals?" Jennifer Powell Grant, who took the injured dog to the vet, said.

That's the challenge she's facing after what she saw outside her Midland County home on Friday night.

Jennifer said for the last couple of days a group of stray dogs has been taking up shelter near her house.

Because of the heat, she's been leaving them water so it wasn't unusual for her to see one of the dogs in her yard when she got home Friday night.

But this time something was different.

"She's standing there with the strangest look on her face and I thought what is wrong with her," Jennifer said.

What she saw next was shocking.

"The little black one is standing in our front yard with a bow and arrow completely through it," Jennifer said.

Jennifer and her neighbor brought the dog over to Medical Veterinary Service vet clinic in Midland. The dog was in surgery for two hours. Doctors had just removed the arrow and were stitching her back up when she went into cardiac arrest and passed away.

Jennifer said the veterinarian told her it appeared the dog was running away when it was hit with the arrow.

"This was a practice arrow," she said. "It's hard to believe any human can do that."

Jennifer was even more shocked by what she said a Sheriff deputy told her after the incident.

"He just said if the dog's on someone else's property, there's really nothing else you can do about it," Jennifer said. "Where does animal cruelty and torture come into play?

Jennifer said it's not unusual to hear of people hurting animals out in the county.

"You can talk to neighbors all throughout here and they're constantly saying 'I had a dog get out and the neighbors shot it,'" she said.

Now she and the veterinarian are trying to find a home for the two other dogs brought in from her yard.

Jennifer hopes by speaking out, other animals will be saved.

"I hope this opens some people's eyes of the cruelty that's going on in the county and we need a place to take these animals," she said. "We need help in the county, we need a lot of help."