Water Well Drilling Has Residents On Waiting List With No Water

by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - The historic Texas drought has nearly dried up all of our water resources in the Permian Basin. Now many homeowners are turning to water wells hoping to tap into a new resource for water. One Midland woman is struggling to get one built but it as left her waterless for months forcing her to make serious sacrifices.

"We have none, we are dry, dry, dry," Midland County Resident, Debbie Tarlton, said.

Tarlton lives out in Midland County with her husband. A few months back they started the construction of their home and called to get a water well drilled.

"We been on every water well drilling list in the Midland phone book. Big Spring, Lamesa, some in Lubbock some won't even take my name to drill a well," Tarlton said.

They've been on everyone's list for more than three months and they just don't know when they will get water, and it's not that they don't have money to pay for the well, they do. Water well drillers are just too busy. She calls everyone so much she already has their names memorized.

"I know most secretaries by first names here and they keep saying two more weeks or four weeks. I'm being patient and waiting but we have no water here," Tarlton said.

All the water well companies NewsWest 9 called in the phone book have a long waiting list. Some won't even take people's names anymore.

"The story they are telling me is the oilfield, which I'm glad everyone is working and doing good, people in town want wells drilled in their yards so they can have their own water," Tarlton said.

Every day Debra has to haul gallons of water just to make it through the day.

"I take a bath in town at my mothers and we bring water out here. We have water, a big jug in the house but we just go to town a lot," Tarlton said.

They've gotten so tired of bringing in water every day they stopped the construction of their home. They even had to give away their pony because they just didn't have enough water.

"We donated her to a good charity in Midland on Thursday. It's too dry out here, you can't haul enough water for a pony or horse," Tarlton said.

So in the mean time, Debbie and her husband will just wait until it's their turn to get water.

"Pray for rain and pray for a water well driller to come along, it will be our turn sometime," Tarlton said.

It goes to show that even money can't buy water during times like these.