Midland Hosts Emergency Response Summit

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midland played host to a conference on Thursday that they hope will put everyone on the same page.

The Integrated Medical and Emergency Response Summit is aimed at getting medical and emergency response teams on the same page.

Topics ranged from combating infectious diseases and treating explosion injuries to coordinating local and state resources.

We're told Summits like this are important to get information out and everyone on the same page including the public.

"It's really important to always communicate, try to share what we're doing, because nothing about what we do is top secret. So, we need to open that up between our colleagues and our partners and also keep that in mind to our citizens too, to keep them informed," Saul Garcia, with the Midland Health Department, said.

Texas Health Services helped put the summit together with Midland Health Department.