Community Reacts to Montimere's Guilty Plea

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - For more than a year now, the Mojo faithful and others throughout the City of Odessa have tried to cope with the betrayal they felt after being fooled by Guerdwich Montimere, who in court on Wednesday pled guilty to charges against him and will now serve three years in prison.

"He plead guilty to two counts of Sexual Assault and three counts of Tampering with Government Records," Ector County District Attorney, Bobby Bland, said.

The 16-year-old victim involved in the assault, according to officials, believed Montimere to be 15 when they had sex, when he was actually in his early 20's.

NewsWest 9 traveled around town to talk to those who knew Montimere while he was in school.

Many of them told us they wouldn't go on camera and that they were too tired of the whole ordeal and wanted it in the past.

But one of Montimere's classmates did speak up, recalling when he was first taken from class by police.

"He was in my TAKS class and you could just see his facial expression was kind of like 'Oh, no.' There were the school cops and the principal just waiting at the door," Permian High Senior, Macee Lane, said. "We knew something was obviously wrong at that point in time when they came and escorted him."

Bland told NewsWest 9 he thinks the punishment fits the crime, as Montimere will now have to register as a sex offender wherever he goes.

"Anywhere he goes, from here on, for the rest of his life, he'll have to go to the local authorities and tell them 'I'm in your town. I'm Guerdwich Montimere, and I am a convicted sex offender,'' Bland said.

Montimere's classmate described him as nice, friendly, and polite, which came as much more of a shock when he was caught.

"No one knew so it was just kind of like 'Oh he's just, treat him like he's one of us,'" Lane said. "A lot of people are friends with him so it's kind of like 'How could you do that to all of these nice people who took you in?' So, there's hard feelings, definitely."