Code Enforcement Cracking Down on Water Wasters in Midland

by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The City of Midland is cracking down on water wasters. On Tuesday morning, city officials canvassed the Tall City looking for water violators.

Over the past week Midland has gone over its water limit several times. Believe it or not, the city is even using too much water when no one is supposed to be watering their lawns and Tuesday morning was one of those times. However, city officials found plenty of violators.

On Tuesday morning we were up before the sun. NewsWest 9 tagged along with Midland Code Enforcement for their first early morning water sweep to find out who was watering when they weren't supposed to.

"Code enforcement went out to Northwest Midland at around 6 a.m. and we did just a water restriction check in several subdivisions," Steve Thorpe, with Midland Code Enforcement, said.

Right after a quick briefing, we hit the road and found some streets filled with water. It wasn't long before we found our first water violator around 6:15 a.m.

"We should of not had anybody watering this (Tuesday) morning unless it was someone with a variance or watering from a water well," Thorpe said.

That wasn't the case, we found many homes who had their water on full blast. Code Enforcement Officials told NewsWest 9 9 that Homeowners Associations like the Grasslands are common water violators and on Tuesday morning they were not following the rules.

Some residents we found were trying to be sneaky and water their backyard. One resident even watered the alley and he told code enforcement it was OK because he had a water well.

"That still doesn't allow you to put inundate amounts of water on the street and create nuisance water. We will be taking action on the nuisance water. You can water your property but there should be no runoff leaving your property," Thorpe said.

On Tuesday, Midland Code Enforcement drove around numerous neighborhoods finding water violators. In Grasslands and Grasslands West, they found 30 homes watering. In Green Tree, officials found 58 homes watering. In Mockingbird Heights, officials found eight homes watering. Greathouse had 29 homes watering and Holiday Hill Village and Los Patios had 30 homes watering. In all, code enforcement issued 155 warnings.

"It was a very productive day and hopefully we can just get the people to comply. They have all been warned now, so another violation at that property means they can be issued a citation," Thorpe said.

So if you're thinking of taking your chances and watering when you're not suppose to, watch out because you never know when Code Enforcement will be riding around in your neighborhood in the early morning hours.