City of Midland Denying Any New Water Variances to New Businesses

by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9
MIDLAND- New businesses are feeling the bite from tougher water restrictions. The City of Midland is cutting back on giving businesses permission to water more for new landscaping.    

"As always we think it's appropriate to plant what really grows in this area, as well as opposed to something that is going to be a high water demand," Steve Thorpe with Midland Code Enforcement, said.
Thorpe says Midland water situation is serious and everyone needs to play by the rules. As of July 1, the City of Midland is not handing out variances.
"It's not that you can't make the installation but the city manager at this point is not granting variances for landscape that goes outside the two days a week watering schedule," Thorpe said.
So for new businesses wanting put in landscaping they need to be careful on what they choose. They can either pick a desert landscape or they can delay their landscaping for six months from the day of the completion of their building.
"I don't say that the city is pushing for it, they give better landscaping credits on their landscape ordinance if you use drought tolerance or desert type landscaping. It's an easier way for the building or property owner to meet the landscape point requirements," Thorpe said.
For one local new business, drought resistant plants actually worked in their plans.
"This actually works out, our wants came out to be the same as the cities. We're going with river rock and more semi arid trees. The way we are doing our irrigation actually works out well," New Business Owner, Neel Patel, said.
Just this past week, the city of Midland has gone over their allotted water usage.