Contest Being Held in Big Spring in an Effort to Help Save Water

by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Green lawns are getting harder and harder to maintain. In Big Spring, stricter water restrictions are making it even tougher. Now the city and some local businesses are holding a contest to get residents to use less water but still have an attractive lawn.

"Nobody likes to see their yard die and we decided to put something positive on something that is a little gloomy and make it fun," KBST Station Manager, Malinda Flenniken, said.

They created a contest for residents in Big Spring called "Practice with Cactus."

"We're encouraging residents to use drought resistant plants and landscaping rocks, gravel anything they want to use to make their yards beautiful but without using any water," Flenniken said.

KBST, The City of Big Spring and Sonic have teamed up for this contest. They are offering some great prizes for the best yard.

"We're going to offer the winner who has the most creative attractive smart yard $500 in cash.  Prizes for second and third are cash prizes of $250 and $150," Flenniken said.

Residents seem to be on board with the new contest.

"I think it's a good idea since we are so short on water. We're just praying for rain," Big Spring Resident, Alvine McCasland, said.

"It's just as well that we learn how to utilize our water better. Besides it wasn't here when the pioneers came here, we had to build dams. Now we are just having to learn to appreciate it more," Big Spring Resident, Jerry Worthy, said.

Even though the deadline for the contest is on August 3, they hope that residents find a new way to conserve water.

"Do you want to take a shower today or water your lawn? Because we are running out of water," Flenniken said.

You can submit a picture of your new drought resistant lawn to the KBST radio station. Judges will then pick the top five lawns in Big Spring, but only the top three lawns will win cash prizes. Other prizes will also be given.