Homeowners and Midland Christian Fighting For Land

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's a heated tug of war that's tearing up a Midland neighborhood, literally, and now neighbors are concerned the problem is only going to get worse.

It's the fight between Midland residents and Midland Christian.

They said one street has already been lost to the school and now they're worried it's happening again.

"When you're not on the city council and you don't have big pockets, you're nothing," Resident, Donna Stanco said.

"I'm just sad to see them go down," Linda Stoner, said. "It's such a nice neighborhood."

Donna and Andy Stanco are ready for a fight to the finish.

"We're not going to give up what we have to satisfy their needs," Donna said.

You'll remember, a few years ago, City Council members approved shutting down Culver Street so Midland Christian could get a parking lot.

Now, Council members recently approved the expansion of the parking lot onto Northrup Drive.

The couple said history is trying to repeat itself.

"They're buying as many houses as they can so they can expand," Donna said.

Neighbors are outraged. They said seeing houses being torn down makes them worried their homes will be next and they'll be forced to leave too.

"They've just ruined our neighborhood," Donna said. "How would you like to have a parking lot on each side of you?"

"These houses are worth absolutely nothing to anybody except Midland Christian," Andy said.

Linda Stoner also lives on Northrup Drive.

"It's just a shame, I love the school. The school is wonderful," Stoner said. "I just wish they had a little feeling for us."

The Stanco's said both the school and the city are at fault.

"They tell us they want to be neighborhood friendly, well bull," Donna said. "They don't tell us anything that's going on. We have to go and find out for ourselves."

"I just think that they should've just left this street alone," Stoner said. "I thought they had plenty of room on the other side."

Stoner said she's playing the waiting game but as for the Stanco's, they're here to stay.

"I think they should move," Donna said. "If they want to keep expanding and they can raise 25 million in one year, try another 25 million and get out of our neighborhood."

NewsWest 9 did try contacting several members from the Midland Christian Board but they've not returned our calls as of yet.