Could Tighter Water Restrictions Be Coming to Odessa?

By Nahum Sotelo
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Big Spring is currently the only city in the area with once a week watering but could the City of Odessa be next?

NewsWest 9 spoke with city officials and they said there is always a possibility that Odessa can be looking at tighter water restrictions.

On Wednesday morning, city officials will be having their monthly meeting with the Colorado River Municipal Water District via conference call where they will be talking about water restrictions.

They will also talk about the current status on the lakes that supply our area with water.

Officials say that the City of Odessa is still going over their limit by about two million gallons a day.

Right now, if you live in Odessa you can only water twice a week if you are using city water.

Depending on the outcome, city officials will decide whether to go with tighter water restrictions.