Family Featured on America's Got Talent Stops in the Basin

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

GOLDSMITH - A fast-riding family featured on America's Got Talent is showing off their skills right here in the Permian Basin. They're performing this weekend at the Black Gold Biker Rally.

They call themselves the Fearless Flores Family and that's exactly what they are: Fearless.

They just got back from competing on America's Got Talent and they took some time to perform their stunts for NewsWest 9.

It's daring and even downright dangerous and it's also a family tradition.

"My father taught me, I taught my kids, my wife," Ricardo Flores said. "I have two sisters that ride."

It's called the Globe of Death and the Fearless Flores Family lives in it.

"It's something that's in our blood," Ricardo said. "We've been doing it forever."

Fresh off their appearance on America's Got Talent, the family of four is in town to perform their stunts at the Black Gold Biker Rally.

"We literally drove all night from Hollywood, CA, out here to Goldsmith, Texas to be here for this biker rally," Ricardo said.

Eight-year-old Volorian has been riding motorcycles inside the globe since age four.

"I was really scared when I got in there," he said. "I thought I was going to crash and get hurt but my dad told me don't worry. Don't close your eyes, I will hold you tight."

"When we're in there we're very careful," Ricardo said. "It's practice time. It's a serious time."

Volorian's mom and sister also get in on the act.

In fact, on the show, the whole family was inside the Globe at the same time.

"Your 15 minutes of fame, that's what we had,"Ricardo said. "It was a lot of fun, just a lot of fun. They ride as good as anybody. They have a lot of control. The biggest problem we have in there is they want to do too much and I'm constantly having to stop them."

"My dad said keep practicing and you'll be the best," Volorian said.

Although their time was short on America's Got Talent, the family said the experience was one they'll never forget.

"What an experience. We've made so many friends," Ricardo said. "It was a dream come true. It was the biggest thing we've ever done."

The Black Gold Biker Rally wraps up on Sunday so if you're looking for something to do, head on over to Goldsmith.

The rally has raised and donated more than $400,000 to local charities since it first started eight years ago.