One Group of Farmers Surviving During Dry Weather Season

by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9

The dry weather has affected everyone in West Texas especially the farmers. But there is one group of cantaloupe growers that didn't do too bad. They actually increased their production.

The Pecos cantaloupe is in such high demand that this year's high temperatures have actually yielded some generous crop.

"The cantaloupe is coming out really good, all the fruit is coming out real good right now. There is a big demand for the Pecos Cantaloupe. I guess we have been pretty fortunate right now," Tony Mandujano with the Mandujano Brothers Produce, said.

The demand has been so high, they've had to increase their harvest.

"Our cantaloupe acreage this year is up probably the most we've ever had. This year, we had 220 acres, usually we are to about 100 acres. We have just had such a big demand the last couple of years we have expanded," Mandujano said.

They have expanded so much that big chain stores across West Texas are buying their produce.

"Our cantaloupe is going to Kroger's, Wal-Mart's and locally here in Odessa-Midland we are shipping to all the Wal-Mart's and the Lowe's," Mandujano said.

Not everything has come so easily, they have actually had water trouble like everyone else.

"This drought is affecting us. Our water level is dropping, our water wells are not pumping like they used to pump. It's affecting us and costing alot of money to pump the water," Mandujano said.

Even with the extra cost to pump water to their crops, the Mandujano brothers are hopeful that this year will end well and that next year will be better.

"We kind of hope that this year goes good and maybe next year, get a few more clients like HEB to buy some cantaloupe," Mandujano said.