Friends, Family Remember Woman Who Was Killed in Fort Stockton

by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON - Friends and family are mourning the loss of 26-year-old Mayra Fernandez Orona. She was allegedly stabbed by her husband on Saturday morning. On Sunday, family and friends they held a candlelight vigil in her honor.

Friends and family gathered in downtown Fort Stockton to comfort each other and honor the life of 26-year-old Mayra Fernandez Orona. Mayra's friends organized the service so that the community could remember her and grieve the loss.

"She was such a sweet person, nobody deserves to die like that. The fact that she was just such a nice person I feel like we need to honor that and for us to come together as a community not only for her to celebrate her but to comfort each other during this tragic time,"  Amy Chacon, a friend of Mayra's said.

According to friends and family, Mayra had moved away from her family in Ozona to Fort Stockton to be with her husband and she was working at Stripes.

But Mayra and her husband had trouble in their marriage.

"She had previously pressed charges on him for abusing her. She was constantly telling us she was ready to let him go," Maria Marquez, another friend of Mayra's, said.

Just the night before she had trouble with her husband, she even had to call the police.

"Police had been called the night before he put sugar in her tank of her car. She was pretty upset with him," Marquez said.

So when the incident happened most had an idea that the husband had something to do with her death.

"Yes, we knew he did, we told her so many times. She just didn't want to listen, she was just stubborn," one of Mayra's sisters, said.

So now all the family and friends can do is pray that justice is done and remember Mayra as the happy smiling person everyone in Fort Stockton knew.

"I never knew an enemy that she might have had. I never expected this to happen, never in a million years did I expect to lose a sister and to gain an enemy," one of Mayra's sisters, said.

Mayra's family is planning her funeral service for Friday in Ozona.