Law Enforcement Agencies Searching for Stabbing Suspect

Luis Bustamante Orona
Luis Bustamante Orona

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON - Fort Stockton Police, the Pecos County Sheriff's Department, the Department of Public Safety and even the Texas Rangers are all on high alert for 40-year-old Luis Bustamante Orona.

He's wanted in connection to the stabbing death of his wife, 26-year-old Mayra Fernandez Orona.

The stabbing happened at 5:30 a.m. Saturday morning in the parking lot of a Stripes store on 1000 N. Front Street.

Police told NewsWest 9 that Mayra was dead by the time they arrived.

"When the officers got there, the first thing they found was her and her lifeless body and,  it was already too late by the time we got there," Fort Stockton Chief of Police, Art Fuentes, said. "It happened that fast."

Luis Orona is a Fort Stockton native but also has family in Pecos.

Police said they're working with other agencies going back and forth between the two cities to track down any leads in addition to interviewing witnesses.

"We really don't know exactly, at this point, which direction he may have gone to," Fuentes said. "We're just kind of hoping that with the help from our local law enforcement agencies and also from the viewers out there that might see the vehicle, might see the suspect, that's what we're counting on."

Orona is being described as a 6'0", 300 lb. man with balding brown hair.

He was last seen wearing an orange, white and green striped polo shirt and blue jeans and driving a 2010 gray Dodge pickup.

At the moment, no motive for the stabbing has been released.

Police urge citizens with any information to call them and not engage Orona. He's being treated as a threat.

"They happen to see someone matching or they know him, give us a call. We ask that they don't confront him," Fuentes said. "We are treating him as an armed and dangerous person."

When NewsWest 9 arrived at the Stripes store, a sign said they were closed Saturday for an undisclosed reason.

Neighbors that NewsWest 9 spoke with said they never saw the stabbing.

But the police and other agencies are keeping a watchful eye even on the U.S. border in case Orona tries to escape.

"The one thing we are very vigilant on, making sure he doesn't cross over and go over to Mexico," Fuentes said. "But hopefully we've got enough eyes out there that we've got him pinned down somewhere, and if he is listening to us, we ask him to turn himself in so that we can take care of business."

Fort Stockton Police are urging everyone to call them if they find Orona and not risk their lives by engaging him.

If you have any information, you can call police at (432) 336-4600.