Neighbors Giving Out Warnings For Water Wasters

by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Neighbors usually watch out for each other, but now with tougher water restrictions in place, many of you are watching for potential water wasters. But here's the deal you don't have to turn your neighbors in the first time instead, you can leave them a written warning.

"I see a lot of water in the streets and I want to tell everyone not to water the streets, but I don't have any way of telling them except by knocking on their door," Midland Resident, Kyle Unterbrink, said.

Thanks to concerned residents like these Midland has come up with a way for you to tell your neighbors to start watering correctly.

"Because we feel that there are concerned citizens in Midland that are going to step up and help police patrol, educate the people that are not following the water restrictions. We think it's a good program," Steve Thorpe with Midland Code Enforcement, said.

Residents in Midland will be able to put door hangers on your door letting you know that you are not following the water restrictions. So what will these warning signs say?

"What it talks about is hello neighbor are you aware that you are in violation of the city's water restriction?" Thorpe said.

The friendly neighbor door hangers will only be warning. That means that neighbors will not be allowed to give citations.

"It's just like the H2O notifications that went out before, it's a friendly reminder to say hey you're not following the rules," Thorpe said.

Most residents NewsWest 9 talked to seem to be on board with the new neighbor warnings.

"I'm all for anything we can do to help with the water situation, it's pretty drastic," Midland Resident, Julie Edwards, said.

"I would very much like for someone to tell me when I'm wrong. So I can make my ways right with my neighbors. Because we are our neighbor's after all," Midland Resident, John Orengo, said.

Some residents say it's better to get a neighbor warning than an actual citation.

"I would much rather have my neighbor kindly remind me that. I think it's always nice to have a neighbor and we all need to look out for each other," Midland Resident, Linda Freeman, said.

As for code enforcement, they hope that residents will see these warnings in a positive way and make changes in their watering.

"We hope that those that receive one of these neighbor door hangers understand that it came from a neighbor that is concerned about the future of Midland and the future of water," Thorpe said.

The city plans to have signs printed out by early next week. The signs will be available for you to pick up at City Hall at the front desk. NewsWest 9 could not find one person on Thursday that was against the neighbor signs.