Basin Job Growth Spurs Opportunities and Creates Challenges

by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9

Oil and gas business is booming in the Basin. But there's one problem, there aren't enough qualified people to fill the jobs.

"It's no secret the Midland economy is booming right now and it has been for quite some time," Pam Welch, Vice President of Business Development with the Midland Development Corporation, said.

Not only is the Basin experiencing new companies coming into the economy but a lot of existing ones are expanding.

"The majority of the oil and gas businesses are, you can just drive down the road and see the expansions. A lot of mergers and acquisitions bringing companies in," Welch said.

So with more oil and gas companies setting up in the Basin and expanding there are more jobs to fill. But there are just not enough people in Midland to fill all the spots, so they're looking elsewhere to bring people in.

"We've been going to the military bases, Fort Bliss and Fort Hood, some of our exciting companies are going along with us. We've also gone to some technical colleges in El Paso recruiting workers and we went to Nevada and met with state of Nevada unemployment," Welch said.

Not only are there more jobs available but there is also more money to spend.

"As a result of the basic jobs that our companies are providing you'll see all the new retail that are coming in as a result of everyone having more disposable income," said Welch.

So how can you take advantage of these booming times?

"I think there is lots of jobs out there but I think this is an excellent opportunity for people to upgrade their skills by going to Midland College and the Advanced Technology Center and getting trained in some of the skill sets that are needed right now," Welch said.

Many may wonder why bring more people to Midland if there is not enough housing to go around? But Welch says that more developers have their eye on Midland and we should see more apartments and homes built in the near future.