Big Spring Auditorium to Open Their Doors Again Soon

by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - After being shut down for two years, the Big Spring Auditorium will be brought back to life. Improvements are on the way to help reopen their doors.

"We're going on three years since we actually shut it down as a result of a lawsuit," Big Spring Assistant City Manager, Todd Darden, said.

The city of Big Spring closed down the auditorium in order to make it comply with ADA rules.

"We're going to do the restrooms, the stage, the dressing room and a ramp in the parking lot," Darden said.

The project is an effort to allow anyone with a handicap to move around freely in the auditorium. So why has it taken so long to get the auditorium fixed?

"We had some private entrepreneurs that wanted to come in and utilize the facility. They had a master plan that fit other uses that were adjacent to the building. We were working through their designers, their architects and working with ours as well for our master plan. It just didn't work out. So we went with the alternate plan that we have today," Darden said.

On Tuesday, the Big Spring City Council awarded the bid to a construction company for the project. The cost for the project is about $414,000.

Even though to some it may look like an ordinary auditorium, it's anything but that.

"The municipal auditorium is the finest example of Spanish gothic architecture and is the only auditorium and has been for many years in all of West Texas," Big Spring Symphony Director, Keith Graumann, said.

The auditorium is home to the Big Spring Symphony and it has also had many famous people step through its doors.

"Anything from Elvis Presley played here. It has quiet a history," Graumann said.

But with their doors closing for such a long time, the Symphony had to hop all around town to find a venue. The ball is finally moving and the construction will begin soon.  The Symphony is excited at the prospect of coming back to downtown.

"We're very excited to be back in our auditorium, it's our home and we feel like we are coming home," Graumann said.

After more than two years of being away from their home, the Big Spring Symphony hopes to open up the auditorium in December for their Christmas concert.