Four Year Old Boy Found in Middle of I-20, Father Arrested

Courtesy: Sweetwater Reporter
Courtesy: Sweetwater Reporter

SWEETWATER - A little boy is in the hospital after being found in the middle of Interstate 20 early Tuesday morning.

The Sweetwater Police Department tells NewsWest9 that the four-year-old boy was found by a local high school coach around 6:30 Tuesday morning covered in cactus thorns.

The child has been nicknamed "Angel" because the ER nurses at the local hospital felt an angel was saved.

Police say the boy's father has already been arrested and charged with Endangering a child in Saginaw, Texas, which is near Fort Worth. Police are waiting for the boy's step mother to arrive in Sweetwater from Lubbock and hopefully provide more details about what may have happened.

Police say they are trying to figure out how the boy managed to wind up in the middle of the interstate. Child Protective Services has already been contacted.

The boy remains in the hospital. Police say the boy was covered in so many cactus thorns, that they had to put him under to remove most of them.