City of Odessa Working To Clear Up Well Water Confusion

Kristen Lowe
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The "He Said, She Said" of who is watering and who is not has grown into quite an issue in both Odessa and Midland.

"There were stories that people would get upset if we were watering and they couldn't," Jan Maynard, who owns a water well, said.

The City of Odessa was getting so many calls from people, reporting others who were watering outside of their assigned times, that they decided to take action.

"Our inspector will come out, and they will verify that a water well is operating the irrigation system," Odessa Community Development Director, Merita Sandoval, said. "Then we will give them a special poster."

Maynard and her mother wanted to clear up any confusion so they called the city and got the inspection. A few weeks later, the poster came in the mail. It's now in their front window, letting other residents know they have a well, and that it's okay for them to water whenever they want.

However, that is not the case for hundreds of Odessans, who the city says, refuse to follow the restrictions.

"[Code Enforcement] is still seeing a lot of violations, they've issued nearly 900 so far," Sandoval said.

With even tougher restrictions coming next month, enforcement is about to get a lot harsher.

Code Enforcement is not the only agency that can issue citations. Odessa Police can fine water restriction violators, as well. However, they say up until this point they've mostly let the city handle it.