Salvation Army In Big Spring Having Hard Time Helping Those in Need

by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Times are tough all around but the Salvation Army in Big Spring is really feeling the pinch. Donations are so low it's gotten to the point where they're having trouble feeding the less fortunate and keeping the elderly cool.

"It does break your heart after a while because you're turning away families or even just a single person, you know that they won't be able to eat in a day or so," Bessie Flores, a Social Service Worker for the Salvation Army in Big Spring, said.

The Big Spring Salvation Army is in desperate need of help. They don't have enough funds for their programs that help the community.

"We have had to actually help more people with larger amounts," Big Spring Salvation army Major, Orville Chambless, said.

Their fan drive is just one example of how rough it's been. They do the drive every year and collect new or used fans. The drive started back in May. Since May, they have only been able to get one fan.

"We've received one and I have given one out. We have had many requests," Flores said.

The Salvation Army also provides social services for families who need a little help during hard times and lately they haven't been able to help those families. They have been turning them away.

"They can't do for themselves at this time. It feeds the families gives them rent, utilities and pays a few of their bills to survive. When you don't have it, you just can't help at this time," Flores said.

So now they just hope that the community will step up and help those less fortunate.

"Help us out and make a donation of any kind to us. That way if they can give to us, we can give it to the community," Flores said.

If you like to help out the Salvation Army, you can contact their office and they will take any donations.