Homeowners Painting Lawns To Make Grass Green

by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9

With tighter water restrictions, comes brown and dried up lawns. Imagine having a green lawn that hardly ever needs water. Now it's possible all you have to do is paint it. It's not just any paint, this new trend also promises to conserve water.

Because of the dry weather and the drought all over west Texas, most lawns look brown and dried up. Now with a new lawn service, you can actually have your lawns green in less than a day and you can also conserve water.

"You can't even tell that it's paint. The grass itself, it looks natural, just like grass," Michael Gutierrez, with the Basin Grass Painters, said.

Michael Gutierrez has been painting grass since last year. But this year, it seems like more lawns need the green.

This is how painting your yard works.  They mow your lawn and spray it down evenly with paint. But it's not just any paint, it's a special one made for grass.

"Its biodegradable, it's safe around pets and children and it won't rinse away if it rains. It's environmentally friendly," Gutierrez said.

By painting your grass, you can conserve water.

"You don't have to water as much and your grass will still be green. We do the greening part, all you have to do is water it so the roots will have a little bit of water to just keep it alive," Gutierrez said.

In other dry areas across the U.S., this service is very popular.

"In other cities where they have a lot of water restrictions, they recommend that you paint the grass," Gutierrez said.

Homeowners and other businesses are pretty happy with this new way of keeping the grass green.

"I've never seen my grass this green. Since the first day we got it. Ever since then, it's gone dry and now it's green," Odessa Resident, Christian Ramirez, said.

"I've had it at a couple of my houses, it's just really great. It makes it look like a picture has been edited the green grass," Realtor, Trudy Thomason, said.

For more information on how to paint you grass, you can contact Basin Grass Painters at 432-889-7785.