Winkler County Hospital Gets Some New Members

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

KERMIT - It's a day full of new beginnings for Winkler County.

After the scandals surrounding Dr. Rolando Arafiles and hospital administrator Stan Wiley, Winkler County Memorial Hospital is looking ahead to a brighter future, and with a new start comes some new faces.

Not only is there a new sheriff in town, but there's also a new doctor and several others in Winkler County.

"I forgot how nice people were out here in West Texas and it's been good," Dr. Stanly Selby, said. "The small town atmosphere is great."

Dr. Selby is coming back to his West Texas roots after 22 years in Abilene.

Also joining him are a new hospital administrator, nurse practitioner, and a physician's assistant. They're all ready for a fresh start.

"It's time for this community to move forward," Nurse Practitioner, Amanda Darling, said. "They've gone to the expense of building this beautiful hospital and they need to have good, consistent, quality care."

"I think the best way to move on from the past is to look forward to the future that Kermit's health care system has," Michelle MacFarlane, the physician's assistant, said.

And they're also ready to hit the ground running by offering more services and health clinics.

"We're trying to get more preventative services in the area," Dr. Selby said. "We'll take care of them when they're sick here but we're going to try and prevent that from happening."

"I have a lot of background in women's health and so I think I'll be able to add a lot for the women in the community from a gynecological standpoint," MacFarlane said.

"The different dynamics from Amanda, the nurse practitioner, Dr. Selby's experience and mine, I think the group of us will be able to offer a little bit more all around care than they've had in the past."

Hospital Board President Stefanie Haley has high hopes for the new hospital administrator, Bill Ernst, who also has West Texas ties.

"He's bringing new fresh ideas and a new kind of leadership," Haley said. "He's anxious to get back here and we're looking forward to him being here."

And all problems now in the past, everyone agrees, things are looking up for Winkler County Memorial Hospital.

"Everybody is really proactive on getting things done right and doing good quality service," Dr. Selby said. "I'm really excited about this."

"I just think it's going to be a great beginning," Haley said. "A new era for our hospital."

New administrator Bill Ernst wasn't able to make it to the meet and greet on Monday. He comes from Socorro, NM, but he will be in Winkler County at the beginning of next month.