Odessa Humane Society Maxed Out

by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The Odessa Humane Society is maxed out. They're turning away animals every single day because they don't have any more room. Now they're looking to give away some of those pets for free.

"Our maximum capacity is about 120 and we are at that capacity now. So if we take anymore in, it jeopardizes the health of the animal. this would be a good time for us to find a home for them," Bryan Yancey, with the Odessa Humane Society, SAID.

Yancey with the Humane Society says people are thinking twice before adopting a dog and this is hurting their shelter.

"The economy kind of slowed things down where we don't adopt out as many as we used to, which is also kept us from taking any in as many as we like," Yancy said.

Every day they have to turn dogs away.

"We turn down 10-15 a day that we just can't take them. Puppies we can try and find homes, for the adult dogs we have had here for a while we need to find them a home," Yancy said.

Because they are running out of room, they have to put more dogs in a kennel.

"Sometimes we got two to three to a kennel. Puppies aren't so bad in a kennel but 3 or 4 big dogs, it crowds them out," Yancy said.

That's why they are asking for your help.

"We don't have any room and some of the drawback has been because people can't come up with the money to adopt a dog, that's why we are giving some away for free," Yancy said.

Dogs are being given away in an effort to free up some room.

"I know some shelters are doing two for one adoption but we are giving them for free. It's basically to drop the population to help us out with our food and it keeps the dogs a lot happier when they are not 3 and 4 to a kennel," Yancy said.

June is also National Adopt A Pet month. If you like to help out the Odessa Humane Society, you can visit them online or call their office at 432-381-5503.