Elderly Suffering Due to Record High Temperatures

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - With no rain and record breaking triple digit temperatures, everyone is trying to find ways to beat the heat. But what about those who can't afford a fan or to even turn on the AC?

One Midland organization is trying to help people beat the heat but requests for help is skyrocketing. NewsWest 9 met with an elderly lady who was having a hard time bearing the heat.

"It's real hot, and a little bit later on it will feel like an oven," Midland Resident, Dixie Tankersley, said.

Dixie Tankersley is one of the many elderly residents who was trying to survive the heat without an air conditioner or any fans.

"Help our elderly in need that often don't have air conditioning because of prescription costs and them being on a fixed limited income they can't afford to run the air conditioner," Koby Nix, with Community and Senior Services, said.

As for Dixie, she just doesn't have an AC unit and her ceiling fans were not cutting it. The sweltering conditions inside her home had forced her to stay in one room to survive.

"This one room is where I stay. I even sleep on the couch and then it gets too hot, I have to go up and go outside and sit," Tankersley said.

Luckily for Dixie, Community and Senior Services of Midland was able to donate a fan to her about a week ago.

But they say that these triple digits are only making their need list grow longer.

"Yes, I definitely think that with the list is already growing, the need is increasing," Nix said.

That's why they need your help. They are collecting fans to help the elderly stay cool.

"It's just miserable and it's dangerous.  Just be able to sit in front of a cool breeze, it's just very important," Nix said.

In the meantime, Dixie is grateful for her fan and she hopes that others can get the same help.

"Well without the fan, I don't know how I manage. I just have to sit outside, because I couldn't have been inside. Just please donate your fans, help the people that need them," Tankersley said.

If you like to help them out, a fan drive will be held all day at Lowe's in Midland on Saturday. 
You will be able to buy discounted fans and AC units.

Meals on Wheels will be collecting fans throughout the summer. If you wish to donate, you can contact the Midland or the Odessa office.

In Big Spring, the Salvation Army is also collecting fans for the elderly.