Big Spring Woman Taking Donations to Help Victims in Joplin, MO

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - It's been almost a month since one of the deadliest tornados in U.S. History ravaged Joplin, Missouri. A Big Spring woman with ties to the devastated town is reaching out.

"I lived there for 21 years, my kids live there, I have over 50 relatives up there," Debra Ivie, a former Joplin, MO, resident, said.

Last month during the horrible tornado, Debra's daughter and granddaughter were trying to get away to safer ground but they ended up in the middle of the storm.

"Her and my granddaughters were driving down the street. My granddaughter was sucked out of the car and my daughter was sent several hounded yards from there. A man rescued them, thank God, and safely got them home," Ivie said.

After learning that most of the town had lost everything, Debra Ivie decided that something needed to be done to help her family and the town of Joplin.

"I had to help all of my family. They lost their home and they have nothing at all," Ivie said.

So a few weeks back, she gathered some of her stuff and got some donations around town and went to Joplin to help.

"A lot of devastation after living their 21 years. I knew what it's suppose to look like. What it does look like now, it's just the fumes. The smell of death is still there, you can't walk outside and breathe without tasting death," Ivie said.

That's why she is going back in two weeks and she wants to take more stuff to help these families rebuild and help get their life back together.

She is asking the public to help with donations so she can take back to those families in need.

"If you're any person at all, you have to have feelings for these people even if you don't know them. It's just worse because I know them. Send your love, prayers and hope to Joplin. They need everything they can get," Ivie said.

If you like to make any donation or help out with anything, you can contact Debra at (432) 267-4240 or e-mail her at

Debra says the things they need the most are tools to clean up and rebuild, hygiene products and food.