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Big Spring Watering Schedule To Be Adjusted

By Mike Henry
KBYG – Special to NewsWest 9

Although most Big Spring residents and businesses have been complying fairly well with the city's new ordinances controlling water waste and lawn watering, City Manager Gary Fuqua informed the City Council on Tuesday that city staff will be coming back with a readjustment to the current three-times-a-week watering schedule.  

That's due to the recently announced 10% reduction in water deliveries to member cities by the Colorado River Municipal Water District (CRMWD), which makes a total decrease of 20% this year.  

The additional decrease from C.R.M.W.D. goes into effect July 1, and the Big Spring City Manager says he will be coming back to City Council with an amendment that adjusts the three day watering schedule down to only two days per week watering allowance.  

Gary Fuqua says that big spring water customers have been staying under the daily allotment on average, but usage is on the increase and as a hot summer settles in, stricter adjustments on water usage are going to become necessary.

Most all other West Texas communities are grappling with the same difficult decisions.

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