Roberts Found Guilty, Sentenced to Jail Time

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY--Winkler County Sheriff Robert Roberts found guilty of retaliating against two nurses. Now he's not only facing jail time, he's out of job.

After Roberts was found guilty of retaliating against two former nurses, one of them says, justice has been served.

When you hear what sentence former Sheriff Robert Roberts received, some people might think it was kind of light. But, when you think about it, he'll be spending time in the jail he used to run.

Because of the guilty verdicts, Roberts was stripped of his title as Winkler County Sheriff. As for his punishment, Roberts agreed to let Judge Robert Moore sentence him, instead of the jury that found him guilty.

Following the state's recommendation, he was sentenced to four years in prison and ordered to pay a one thousand dollar fine for each of the felony convictions. That sentence was suspended to four years probation and 100 days in county jail.  Roberts also received 100 days in jail and a one thousand dollar fine for each of the misdemeanor convictions.

In addition to jail time and having to turn in his badge, Roberts was also ordered to surrender his license as a peace officer in the State of Texas.

Vicki Galle and Anne Mitchell were both present when those sentences were announced.

Galle said, as far as she is concerned, after two long years, justice has been served, "I am thankful to the Texas Attorney General for noticing this case, justice was served and we appreciate that. I do feel that our voice was heard and I'm thankful for that."

Roberts' fines total $6,000 and he cannot appeal his conviction. He will begin serving his sentence in the Winkler County Jail on June 27th. Calls to County Judge Bonnie Leck for a comment were not immediately returned.

Roberts is the second of four men facing these charges. Former hospital administrator Stan Wiley plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for his testimony. Next on the list to stand trial, Winkler County Attorney Scott Tidwell and Dr. Rolando Arafiles.