More Mutilated Cats Reported in Odessa

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - After some of you E-mailed complaints of dogs and cats being killed in Odessa, NewsWest 9 decided to investigate.

Odessa Police confirmed to NewsWest 9 that they are finding more mutilated cats recently, and according to their release, they think it's not these suspects' first time.

"I just can't believe that a pet in our neighborhood was mutilated," Odessa resident, Shan Johnson, said.

Shock and fear is what's gripping the three neighborhoods where Odessa Police report an increase in mutilated cats found.

"That's disgusting," Odessa resident, Lauren Edwards, said. "It's sick and it's horrible. I don't see how you could do that to a helpless creature. It's terrible."

One viewer sent our newsroom an e-mail saying he had heard that there was an increase.

NewsWest 9 called Odessa Police to see what they've found and they sent out a press release.

In the past three months, Animal Control officers have recovered four cats that had been mutilated. Those cats were found in the 6500 block of Piedmont, the 3100 block of Maple, and the 2600 block of East University.

NewsWest 9 traveled to those blocks, where the neighbors said they're afraid for their own pets.

"All I have to say is it better not ever be my pet," Johnson said. "Because I treat my pet like a human, and my pet's like my kid and I just can't understand how someone would want to hurt an animal."

In the press release, Odessa Police said a similar incident took place in the Fall of 2010, when officers recovered 20 cats that had been mutilated in the same area.

Since then they said the mutilation stopped, but they believe it could be the same suspects at it again.

As for residents NewsWest 9 spoke with, they said they're going to keep an even closer watch on their pets whenever they're outside.

"I'll try to, when they want to go outside, I'll try to let them out in the back instead of the front, maybe try to get them to come back inside when they're finished whatever they're doing," Edwards said. "They come outside all the time and I'll probably keep a better eye on them now, definitely."

"I will definitely keep a watch," Johnson said. "And not only for my pets, but for my neighbor's pets also because that's ridiculous. That's just like killing a human if you kill a pet."

Odessa Police are asking the public to keep a watch on their pets and watch for those responsible.

Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to call the Odessa Police Department Animal Control at (432) 368-3526.