Bond Set for Midland County Murder Suspects

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY – Authorities have arrested two suspects in connection with a morning murder in Midland County.

Authorities arrested 21-year-old Stephen Craig Whitworth from Del Rio and 24-year-old Paul Curtis Lee of El Paso on murder and aggravated assault charges. Authorities obtained a search warrant for the suspects vehicle where they found a blood covered knife, several items belonging to the victim and shoes matching prints found at the scene.

This all started after a 911 call was received stating that a female, who was covered in blood, ran into the roadway along South County Road 1210. The female reported that she and her boyfriend were assaulted by two suspects and that her boyfriend was killed.

Authorities responded to the call and a crime scene was located on a lease road west of South County Road 1210.

Midland Sheriff Gary Painter told NewsWest 9 that the woman and 25-year-old Christopher Aaron Easley had met with the suspects at a residence in Midland around 4:35 a.m Monday morning.

The suspects transported the couple out to the area along South County Road 1210, stabbed them and dragged them more than 30 feet across the road to a mesquite bush and left them there.

Easley was pronounced dead at the scene.

The female, who was found covered in blood, was transported to the hospital where she underwent surgery for multiple stab wounds. She is currently listed in critical condition at Midland Memorial Hospital.

Bond for Lee and Whitworth has been set at $1.25 million each.