Family Demands Answers In Hit & Run

Kristen Lowe
NewsWest 9

"I can't describe it. I lost my daughter, I can't lose my brother," Pamela Justice said. "You don't want that phone call."

But that is the phone call she got Tuesday night, after her brother was hit by an SUV on his motorcycle.

"I was afraid he was dead," she said.

Odessa Police say Richard Brown and a passenger were headed north on Golder Avenue, and a black SUV was headed south. The SUV failed to yield the right of way, and collided with Brown.

"He caught the passenger side of it at full force, thirty miles an hour," Justice said.

But the worst part is that the driver of the SUV fled the scene. Both Brown and his passenger were injured, and taken to Medical Center Hospital. Brown has a shattered wrist and a shattered knee.

"He is in so much pain....he cannot walk," Justice said.

His knee replacement surgery will cost thousands, and she worries insurance will not cover it all. But beyond the medical bills and the hospitals, Pamela Justice just wants to know....

"Let us know why you did this...I'm sure you though you had a good reason at the time, but please come forward," said Justice. "Nothing could be as bad as knowing you could have killed someone."

She also has a message for anyone with information.

"Please...if you know anything about these people, they gotta be your friends, your neighbors...let the Odessa Police Department know.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS.