"Frac The Lizard" Campaign Started in Midland

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midland resident Allison Webb has become the founder of her own message when it comes to the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard.

She's the creator of 500 shirts bearing the phrase "Frac The Lizard", favoring the defense of oil and gas drilling over the dunes sagebrush lizard being put on the endangered species list.

The idea started with her and her family, all of them workers in West Texas oil and gas.

"We just thought of the idea," said Webb. "My brother sells drill bits and so that's where part of that came in place."

Webb founded a website, petroplex.co, and started selling the shirts two weeks ago to anyone interested.

Over the course of those two weeks, she's sold 100 "Frac The Lizard" shirts, not just in the Basin, but shipping them to as far out as Houston and Fort Worth.

"It's been picking up a lot lately," Webb said. "A lot of people are getting the word out and want them so we can always end up ordering more."

If the lizard is put on the list, many are worried that oil and gas business could slow or halt while the federal government inspects the creature's habitats.

Webb says that kind of concern is propelling more and more West Texans to spread awareness in any way possible, including wearing her shirts.

"People want it," Webb said. "Everybody works out in the industry and they want to wear it. They think it's a funny idea. It's our livelihood out here. It's our jobs. It's putting food on our table. It's everything."

But Webb also stresses that while she's not promoting the destruction of the lizard, she doesn't want it to destroy the progress of oil and gas.

"We do not want to kill it, destroy it, we just want the environmentalists to know that this is our industry too," Webb said. "We'll share it with the lizard."

NewsWest 9 contacted the Permian Basin Petroleum Association to get their comment on the movement.

Their representatives informed us that while they are aware of the shirts, they are not associated with them.

If you'd like to find out more about the shirts, you can find more information on Allison's website at http://petroplex.co/Home.html.