Car Owners Realizing the Value of GPS in Their Vehicles

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--Modern Technology helps the Odessa Police Department catch a murder suspect after activating the GPS system and contacting OnStar.

According to Freedom Buick, GMC Truck, Sales Manager, Joel Carrasco, "They'll automatically let them know where you are at, because they can track the vehicle through the satellite system with the GPS system."

The situation can be as minor as locking your keys inside or running out of gas, or even as major as being involved in an accident. GPS devices, like OnStar, are there to serve.

"I think the OnStar gives people peace of mind that there is someone they can actually talk to in the event they come up on an emergency situation, whether it's for themselves or they come up to a wreck," Carrasco explained.

According to the arrest affidavit, it was because of GPS and OnStar, that Odessa and Lubbock police were able to locate the Lincoln Navigator, stolen from a slain Odessa couple's home on Monday.

"You spend a lot of money on a vehicle, in the event that it gets stolen, they can track it, quickly," Carrasco commented.

OnStar is a GM specific service. It started out as an option in 2000, but as Carrasco says, it's not an option any more, "Now, it's standard equipment on all GM vehicles."

Carrasco has a couple of reasons for praising systems like OnStar, but maybe the most important, his personal vehicles carry precious cargo.

"As a parent, if my daughter is driving from town to town, if she were to have a flat tire, run out of gas, something goes wrong, someone's there at the push of a button and they know exactly where she's at. Peace of mind for yourself, for your kids," he concluded.

Odessa Police say because the investigation is ongoing they are unable to comment as to how a GPS system helped with the arrest of James Burwell.

OnStar is found only on GM vehicles, however, you can get GPS systems, made by other companies, installed in your particular vehicle.