Texas PTA Discusses Budget Cuts With Midland Parents

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Fund our future, that's the message from the Texas Parent Teachers Association.

With budget cuts impacting education, they're fighting to keep that funding from drying up.

The Texas PTA has been making stops across the state and on Wednesday they came to Lee High School in Midland.

As you know, education has been hit really hard to the tune of millions of dollars.

For months, school districts in the basin have been doing everything they can to keep those cuts from affecting the classroom.

But the Texas PTA says that students and families will be affected.

They're encouraging everyone to contact Governor Perry about his aggressive cuts.

"This particular bill really has us concerned because it almost sends the message of "we're giving up," y'all go ahead and do what you need to do and we'll fund what's left over and that's just not right. It's not fair to any family to have to make those decisions, nor is it fair to people who are currently in public education and like where they are," Texas PTA Vice President, Leslie Boggs, said.

Both Midland and Ector County School Districts have had to cut several million dollars from their budgets.