Huge Wind Power Transmission Project Coming to West Texas

by Mike Henry
KBYG – Special to NewsWest 9

The signs of wind power have been popping up all over West Texas this decade, but the growing need for more transmission lines to move that power to where it is needed is also about to be addressed, and in a big way.

Wind Energy Transmission Texas, W.E.T.T. has been developing a transmission line project over the last several years, about $5 billion worth for Texas, and around a half a billion of that right here in West Texas.  300 miles of transmission lines are going to be constructed here, and the majority of that project will be coming out of Howard County.

The construction arm of W.E.T.T., Isolux, of Spain, will be setting up offices in Big Spring that will originally be employing around 40-60 people for their maintenance and operation facilities.  As the construction project ramps up later in the year, it is anticipated that the company will be employing up to 1,000 workers for up to two years.

Big Spring Economic Development Corp. Executive Director Terry Wegman says that will have a hugely positive impact on the Big Spring, Howard County and surrounding economies.