Diplomats in Midland Talk About U.S. and Middle East Relations

by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - We see images of violence and unrest in the Middle East everyday. But how does it affect you?

On Wednesday, a U.S. Marine General and Israeli diplomat were in Midland to address the current upheaval in the Middle East and discuss how it impacts our national security. The visit of the Marine General and diplomat couldn't come have come at a better time.

With all the uncertainty that is going in the Middle East, they just want to help people of West Texas understand everything that's going on a little better and tell them about the important role that Israel plays for America. The press conference was held Wednesday at the Petroleum Club.

That's where Mayor Wes Perry introduced the retired Assistant Commandant of the U.S. Marines and the retired Ambassador of Israel. They are both in West Texas to try and provide an insight of the important role that Israel plays with the U.S.

They pointed out that Israel is a democracy, that is a rare commodity in the region. U.S. and Israel face common threats of terrorism and close cooperation's between both countries can only enhance the security.

Energy was also another hot topic; they talked about how dependent the U.S. is with other countries for its energy.

"Texans have a very intimate sense of what the dependence of our economy is on all sources of energy and how we can possibly improve our own security by bringing back the supply of energy to at least North America or the U.S.," General Robert Magnus, said.

They explained that with the price of energy going up, that brings the eyes back to West Texas. According to the Ambassador, Israel fully supports the U.S. Energy Independence. They are both in town for a speech on Thursday in support of the Jewish Institute of National Affairs.