Skater Rolling Through West Texas

by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9

If you were driving around the Basin on Tuesday you may have seen something out of the ordinary. A man skating down Business 20 carrying an American flag.  NewsWest 9 caught up with the skater to talk about his journey.

"I'm in the middle of a skate across the country. I started out in New York City, I'm on my way to Santa Monica, California," Austin Szelkowski said.

That's right, Austin Szelkowski is trying to skate more than 3,000 miles across the U.S.

"The purpose is for me to try to inspire the young people to be bold. To start companies, be entrepreneurs and really pick a goal. pick a dream and have the courage and the commitment to stay and make it happen no matter what," Szelkowski said.

And many of you may be asking why skating?

"Well walking, that's not to exciting. Then I thought running but didn't really want to run across the country over 3,000 miles. It just didn't sound appealing, I'm not a runner traditionally. Someone said skating and I thought well why not?" Szelkowski said.

Austin started skating back in October and hopes to reach his final destination in the middle of June. During his long journey through America, he hopes to spread his message.

"My perspective is not having an easy lifestyle. Just no responsibility, really living from your passion doing the thing that makes you come alive the most. Making that your life, that's the message I want to carry, so why not symbolize it," Szelkowski said.

Right now, Austin will travel 40 miles a day. He is able to skate four straight days and then he takes one day off and so far he loves West Texas.

"West Texas has been pretty awesome. The wind has been in my favor for a few days now I have loved it but the people are incredible. Everyone talks about southern hospitality and even more so in Texas. We have loved it," Szelkowski said.

For more information, you can find Austin on Facebook under The Freedom Skater and follow his journey through America.