Family Still Trying to Recover From Bulldozer Accident

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Several families in Ector County still waiting for justice. It's going on three months since an un-manned bulldozer went plowing through their homes.

So far, no arrests have been made in the case. NewsWest 9 caught up with one family who lost everything  and they're ready for this nightmare to be over.

"We just come out here and sometimes just sit out here and look and wonder when are we going to be able to come back home? When all of this is going to be over?" Nancy Hernandez said.

February 19th is a day Hernandez won't soon forget. That's when her home was completely destroyed by a bizarre runaway bulldozer accident.

"We went though some of our things but pretty much there was nothing we could save," Hernandez said.

The bulldozer flattened two homes before finally coming to a rest in a third home. Since then, the company who owned the bulldozer has taken care of the family, buying them a pre-owned mobile home.

But the previous owner left behind a lot of problems.

"It looked ok but when we saw everything moved out of the home, it was not ok," Hernandez said.

When their new home arrived, the family was hoping to move in right away but instead they found holes in walls and water damage throughout the entire house. These are things that have to be fixed but with money out of their own pocket.

"We removed the carpet and it needs a new floor," she said. "Some of the shingles have been coming off the roof."

The family doesn't have any extra money either. Their tax return was spent on food and expenses for the new house.

"According to the adjustor, he's going to reimburse me and I'm hoping because it's not our fault that we had to leave our home and spend all that extra money," Hernandez said.

She said she feels mislead by the salesman and it hasn't gotten any better.

"He's been telling me for I don't know how long, they're going to come out here, they're going to come out here and nobody's been out here," she said. "It's been really hard."

Hernandez said she's thankful for everything from the company so far but she hopes her family can return to a normal life sooner than later.

"If anybody else would've bought it, it would've been ready to move in and this isn't," she said. "I'm just so tired of this."

The Ector County Sheriff's Department tells NewsWest 9, their investigation into how this bulldozer caused so much damage is still under investigation.