Fort Stockton Police Chief Fired

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON - A major shake up at the Fort Stockton Police Department. Less than six months after he was hired, Police Chief Jake Sullivan is out of a job.

NewsWest 9 spoke with Fort Stockton Mayor Ruben Falcon, who is keeping a tight lid on the details, of why Police Chief Jake Sullivan was let go from the department.

Mayor Falcon said Sullivan was recently terminated from the department but he did not say when.

He said the Chief of Police was working under the city manager's office, and there really wasn't any specific reason given for Sullivan's firing, other than the city manager was looking to go in a different direction.

NewsWest 9 has learned Sullivan was let go during his six month probation period.

NewsWest 9 has also received several emails saying there is more behind this story than we know. Some of those emails have even gone as far as accusing the former Police Chief of committing various crimes throughout his time as a public servant.

All of that is strictly speculation, NewsWest 9 has not had any of those details confirmed and we're still waiting to hear more from city officials.

Sullivan was hired as Chief of Police back in Nov. of 2010.

According to the city web site, he got his start in law enforcement in 1994. He's served several positions including Sergeant, Criminal Investigator and Lieutenant.

NewsWest 9 will continue to follow this story and bring you more details as they become available.