Midland Firefighters Still Have Water to Fight Fires

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Firefighters have been scrambling, putting out grass and structure fires across multiple counties for weeks now.

And with no rain, and news of water shortages, there's worries that water for fighting fires could run out.

But Midland firefighters told NewsWest 9 they always find water and don't expect to run out.

Even if they do, tanker trucks coming in from the county bring 10,000-gallon back-up supplies.

And they said they have multiple reservoirs and hydrants all around to draw water from.

"Throughout the whole county we have different areas that we can access water at different sites," Midland Fire Captain, Aaron Cox, said. "So we don't have to come all the way back in town to fill up the tanker trucks. Various water reservoirs throughout the whole county."

Oil and truck companies have also given water to help in the past.

Firefighters said their trucks can carry anywhere from 750 to 1,200 gallons of water.

"But that is only about one-tenth of a swimming pool," Cox said. "A swimming pool, basic swimming pool has about 10,000 gallons, and on an actual fire we can drain a swimming pool in roughly 10 minutes."

It can dry up quickly.

Though firefighters don't expect to run out of water, they said they could still use all the help they can from West Texans at home.

Applying the current water restrictions to their homes and making sure no waste happens can make all the difference.

"If everyone could pitch in and limit amount of water usage and water wastes, it'll definitely ease up as much work as they have to do to pipe it in and actually clean it and do all that," Cox said.