Grassfire Burns 100 Acres in Glasscock County

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

A double whammy for fire crews in Glasscock County after another big fire sparked up on Tuesday in the exact same place that one sparked up on Monday. The winds moved the flames so fast, the fire spread from one highway to another.

Fire crews still aren't sure how the fire started but they think it was a fire they battled on Monday on Highway 158 that re-ignited.

Tuesday's fire sparked up around 9 a.m. along Highway 158 and the high winds fueled the fire causing the fire to shift three miles east towards Highway 137.

Volunteer fire departments from Glasscock County, Martin County and the Texas Forest Service showed up to battle the blaze.

The fire got so intense they had to close off highway 137.

Electric poles, pump jacks, small structures and animals were in danger.

NewsWest 9 got a chance to talk to one rancher and he said how in the middle of the inferno, they were able to save a little calf surrounded by fire.

"His crew was on the north side and they found this calf encircled in fire. They brought him out, handed him across the fence to me and put him in my trailer. Now I'm trying to find the owner," Rancher, Wilson Heidelberg, said.

The Texas Forest Service was able to respond to Tuesday's fire with bulldozers, engines and aircraft.

Approximately 100 acres were burned in Glasscock County.

No word yet on how it started, but the fire has been put out and everything is now under control.

Fire crews will just keep an eye out on Tuesday night for hot spots to make sure they don't re-spark another fire.