Crews Respond to Grassfires on Both Sides of Andrews County

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS COUNTY--Plumes of black, gray, white and brown smoke could be seen as far away as Howard County.

Both fires were to the West of town and both about 15 miles out. The larger of the two was just off of North Highway 181.  NewsWest 9 Chief Photographer Jay Vigil got as close to the front line as possible, about 100 yards away.

Fire officials on the scene said they had been on all four sides of the fire and it was "huge."  The Texas Forest Service,  fire crews from Andrews and Seminole were part of the ground crew.

The second fire broke just off of South Highway 115.  Access to that highway had been blocked by TXDOT from the East and North.

The cause of these fires has not been determined. The Texas Forest Service says around 1,000 acres have been burned and it continues to grow. No word on any structure damages.