Parents Upset with Handling of MISD Bomb Scare

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Thursday's bomb scare at the Midland Independent School District has a lot of folks talking about how the situation was handled.

Many of you spoke out on our NewsWest 9 Facebook page saying more should have been done to protect students.

Others say the school district did the right thing.

We spoke with school officials Friday who told us they followed the proper procedure for this type of threat.

Around 8:30 Thursday morning, they got a call from an unknown person who was apparently unhappy with the way he and his sons had been treated by the school district. He claimed there were three bombs spread throughout MISD campuses.

"At that point then, we notified all of our campus leaders that we wanted them to do a walk through of their campus immediately and look for anything suspicious and out of the ordinary," Asst. Superintendent, Ed Zachary, said.

Zachary said that's proper procedure for this type of call.

"If it's just a general statement made by someone that does not target a particular campus or facility, we go into a general observation mode and make as quick a determination as we possibly can," he said. "If there is a specific location targeted then of course we go into the evacuation process."

But that's what has some parents and others so upset. There were no evacuations at any school and Midland police didn't respond.

Many of you spoke out on Facebook about it.

One viewer said "It takes two minutes to send a mass message to all parents of the children. I don't think there is one decent excuse when our babies are being threatened."

Another viewer said "I'm very angry at MISD for leaving it up to a handful of staff employees to sweep the building."

Zachary said the threat was vague and with nearly 40 MISD buildings, there was just too much ground to cover.

"They (police) don't have enough people, either bomb dogs or anything like that, to cover that many facilities as quickly as we need them to be covered," he said.

Once the threat was determined to be a hoax, classes resumed as normal.

Many parents were also upset they weren't notified right away, but not everyone agreed.

Another viewer said "It was handled very well. It didn't disrupt the school day, but was taken very seriously."

"We don't need to draw people to an area that might potentially have something there," Zachary said. "It does put the district in a situation that is going to be questioned no matter which way we go."

No bombs were found at any of the MISD campuses. Zachary said the district is working with the Midland Police Department in their investigation of the threat.