Big Spring State of the City Address Talks About the Future

By Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - It was the place to find out everything that's going on in Big Spring and Howard County. City and county leaders met on Tuesday to find out what issues they're facing and what's planned for the future.

"Mainly what we talked about today (Tuesday) was what we done in the past or in the near past and what we are going to do in the future," Howard County Judge, Mark Barr, said.

Howard County, the City of Big Spring, Howard College, Colorado Municipal Water District and the Big Spring Economic Development all got together under one roof.

"I had a community that got together and we wanted to bring everyone in the forefront in regards to the different entities," Debbye Valverde with the Big Spring Chamber of Commerce, said.

This is the first ever state of the community event to take place, it was hosted by the Big Spring Chamber of Commerce. It's one of four planned for this year and many think that this one talk will only stand to benefit the community.

"This is a great way to inform citizenry and people keep up with the media but there is a different touch when its face to face. They are able to give that insiders view of what's going on at the different entities," Howard College President, Cheryl Sparks, said.  president.

Although most of it was positive, they did talk about the water issues that are facing West Texas, as well as the unknown future of the Big Spring State Park.

"The state park is too important to Big Spring to let it go away. I think that everyone is committed to that. The city, the county and I think even the state wants to get together. It's gonna be a lot of communities and entities working together to make these tight budgets work," Big Spring City Manager, Gary Fuqua, said.

But this luncheon, and the ones to come, are not only for active members of the community, this is for everyone.

"We're inviting everyone to come out, this is not only for chamber members, this is for non-members as well and for those that sit out there and say that there is nothing going on. Their is a lot going on," Valverde said.

Overall, everyone was pleased with the turnout and happy that they were just working together.

"Most important thing to come out of this is to see all the different entities working together and cooperating and communicating. When that happens, some good things happen. We're all pulling together and pulling the same direction," Terry Wegman, with the Big Spring Chamber Economic Development, said.

The next talk will be on June 30, they'll talk about education and give a medical update.