Voter ID Bill Closer To Becoming a Law

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

It's a hot topic in Austin where a voter ID bill is making its way through the House. Just this week, Texas Legislators approved a bill. NewsWest 9 talked with local legislators to see what the bill would mean for residents here in Texas.

"We just need to protect the integrity of our ballot box, that's something that the legislator has tried to do in the past two sessions and can't get accomplished," State Representative, Jim Landtroop, said.

Landtroop is one of many who is for the voter ID bill. If passed, the bill would require anyone who goes to the voting polls in the State of Texas to have proper identification.

"You need a photo ID to fly on a plane. You need a photo ID to rent a movie. Voting is a privilege that we have as Americans that our military people throughout the ages have died to give us. I think it's only right and fair by requiring a photo id," Landtroop said.

Many say that if the bill becomes a law, it would help prevent voter fraud.

"You can just get a voter ID card and go, you don't have to show. So it's people taking voter ID cards that aren't theirs and going and cast a vote as if they were that person," Landtroop said.

Locals seem to be happy that the bill could soon become a law.

"I think it's a good idea. I think it will protect taxpayers and citizens. There is a lot of fraud and we need to protect what is ours," Resident, Donnie Baldridge, said.

"Why not go ahead and do it, I don't think it's gonna hurt the minorities. It's not going to hurt the poor people if they wanna vote, they can do it," Resident, Don Fite, said.

NewsWest 9 talked to several people and we had a hard time finding anyone who was against the bill. Everyone we talked to said they're ready for the new law.

"It's just something that the voters say they have wanted for a long time now and the fact that it's going to be accomplished this time is an encouraging thing to everyone involved. I do anticipate it getting signed as a law this year," Landtroop said.

There are still a few more steps that need to be done in order for the voter ID bill to become a law.