Fire Crews Battle More Grassfires in High Winds

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A big grassfire in Midland finally snuffed out Tuesday night, but not before giving some homeowners and workers the scare of their lives.

The flames ignited off County Road 60 and Highway 158, and as one woman described it, it was moving like a wildfire.

"In this area if you looked over all you could see was a huge cloud of smoke," Julie Miller said. "It was pretty intense for a little bit."

Miller was working in her church office when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye.

"I looked out my window and I see flames leaping," she said. "It was literally on the road."

Around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon, a grassfire sparked up off County Road 60 between Highway 158 and Holiday Hill Road and it was moving fast.

Most of the other staffers left but Miller stayed behind to look after the horses. She said fire crews were already on the scene by the time she got outside.

"One young man, he was, I guess a volunteer, and he was just throwing on clothes and trying to get there as fast as he could," Miller said. "They started bringing in the bulldozers and tractors and volunteer firemen were coming in and it just looked like everyone was ready for action and took care of business."

The fire burned around 132 acres and it took a lot of manpower to put out.

"We had four Greenwood units, Northeast units, four Texas Forest Service units and seven MFD units," Tasa Watts, City of Midland public information officer, said.

Fire crews also went knocking on doors warning residents to leave.

"There were some houses that they felt were in danger, but the fire never got to the houses, but they did evacuate for safety precautions," Watts said.

"The only thing that separated the fire from our church property was the roadway and with the wind like it is I just knew all it would take is a wind gust to bring it on our property so it was scary," Miller said.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation but thankfully no one was injured from this blaze.

"I just can't give enough props to our firefighters, they were wonderful," Miller said. "They did  great job."

Earlier Tuesday afternoon, officials had County Road 60 and County Road 1250 blocked off.

We're told several power poles were damaged by the fire and service from a cell phone tower was also knocked out so barriers are up around that area until they're repaired.