Big Spring Soldier to be Featured on TV Show

By Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

A new show on The Learning Channel will be taking one Big Spring soldier to the big screen. A new series will show the reunion of soldiers coming home to their families. NewsWest 9 went to Big Spring to find out more about the local soldier featured on the show.

TLC's Homecoming will feature soldiers coming home and surprising their families with unexpected reunions. And one of the soldiers that will be featured on the show will be Garrett Huitt from Big Spring.

"He called me and told 'me mom I'm going to get a chance to be on TV. He said the TLC Show Homecoming,'" Ronda Holgin, who's son will be featured on the show, said.

So Ronda drove from Big Spring to Fort Carson, Colorado to meet her son so she could help him surprise his wife and kids when he got back to the base.  Garret had been in Iraq for a year leaving behind his wife, April, and his son and daughter. Now a year later, he got the chance to surprise them with the help of a special guest.

"What they did is they told April she was going to be on a show. A celebrity was going to come and learn how to do celebrity banking to teach them how to bank," Holgin said.

But Billie Ray Cyrus wasn't there to learn banking, he's actually the host of the new show TLC Homecoming. Cyrus was just there to help Garret surprise his wife.

"The day of the surprise my son Garrett walked in with a bouquet of roses. Billie Ray Cyrus turns around and says does that guy look familiar. She turned around and it was Garret," Holgin said.

Garret was also able to surprise his kids after daycare. Garret's family and two other soldiers reunions will be featured in the show. Even though it was a lot of work, Ronda says the show is going to be worth it.

"It was really good, really tiring having a camera crew in your house for a couple of days in your neighborhood but the end result is going to be amazing. It's going to be great, I know that show is going to be awesome," Holgin said.

The premiere of the show has not been set yet but it's scheduled to air sometime this Spring on The Learning Channel.